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Jan. 4th, 2012 07:33 pm
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Sooooo. I've made the jump to dreamwidth, in anticipation of my learning what sorts of things are really online journal thoughts, vs thoughts I want to blurt out at facebook or in text message form. Mostly it's made me realize that my LJ - and now DW account - is really messy, and very unorganized. Eep!

I'm reading I Just Ran which is an incredibly charming, engaging biography of Percy Williams. Percy was a sweet, humble, Vancouver born Olympic gold medallist in sprint running. I was really enjoying this book! Until I read his Wikipedia entry, and saw that he shot himself in the head (with the shotgun he was gifted with at the Olympics no less) at a fairly youngish age. I am not so sure I want to finish this book, now? I haven't even made it to the 1928 Olympics, and keep on wondering if this is like that time I kept on hoping that Reservation Blues would end happily.

See? That's a thing that I am glad I shared with the online community that does not include my real life colleagues, and everyone else.

It is also a thought that I would have previously texted to that guy that shall no longer be mentioned. As is the fact that I am now committed to training in a crew for Head of the Charles next fall in Boston. I am stoked! It's nice to be wanted.

I am still on an Ontario sleep schedule, so it's almost bedtime for me. 
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