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+ My mother is determined to emotionally manipulate me into getting my teachers' certification. I explained to her, calmly, the reasons I do not want to be a classroom teacher (she already knew this when I signed up for the arts administration version of teacher's college over a year ago, so not so much with the shocking!), that certification is an annual thing and requires money I don't have, as someone who is unemployed. And then I gave her a copy of my action research paper, about arts-integrated learning in the classroom and storytelling making the world a better place and she STARTED TO CRY. I don't even know.

+ For the first in five years, I am not moving for September, so I have cleaned and rearranged my room. There is a wall (WALL) of books and also my bed is no longer under a skylight. I hope this means that come winter, I will not get dripped on by said skylight in early morning thaw.

+ Minikilts are unlikely in my future. Good/Bad? Your call.

+ For something completely different: a few icons (Yukon Music Post still coming), made ages ago, of the summer Olympics (Canadian Men's Triathlon Team and Men's 8+ in Rowing). I find it hilarious that the men's triathlon team did a number of photoshoots... and I love that on their racing suits Canada gets abbreviated to "CAN". Jenkins Can! Whitfield Can! It's very optimistic.

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So much love for these boys: Paul Tichelaar, Simon Whitfield, Colin Jenkins (epic triathlon is epic).
Kyle Hamilton, Adam Kreek, Kevin Light, Ben Rutledge, Andrew Byrnes, Jake Wetzel, Malcolm Howard, Dominic Seiterle AND Brian Price (men's 8+ and coxie!).

Comments are nice, credit is not necessary.
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