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[livejournal.com profile] imelford has been telling me to read Scott Young's Scrubs On Skates books for a while now (there are three of them as far as I know, the second of which seems to be... missing?) and because she's Imo, and I trust her in these things, I finally did. I'm not entirely sure why I hadn't already. I mean, the cupboard they come from is in my bedroom, and I've read virtually everything else in there. The only explanation I can fathom is that in my younger YA reading years, animal stories, young-girl-growing-up (see also: embarrassing sixteen year old girl anecdotes from the 1960's; Cleary, Beverly) stories and Murder in [insert Canadian tourist trap here] stories (i.e. the other genres in that cupboard - without disclosing the fact that our collection of Saddle Club books is too thorough to pass off as insignificant, and yet, somehow, not near thorough enough for some seriously horse crazy tween girls... or their very impressionable baby sister, apparently. Um, what? I said nothing! Stevie and Teddy 4eva! Um, what? I said nothing!) were more appealing than 50's boys hockey teams and team spirit.

Boy was I wrong. (Oh the irony: as I type this, I'm listening to the Penguins vs. Detroit, streamed live. Underdogs everywhere are dancing for joy - Pens 3, Wings 1 FYI. HAH!)

If you made it through all that: Pete is the best hockey player in Winnipeg. And then the town boundaries got redrawn and he got sent to Northwestern. This book is essentially Pete coming to terms with his new, not!shiny team, but mostly with himself. It's a coming of age novel. Like your average animal story. Without the animals.

Anyways, I've only read the first book so far, and these are the reasons I loved it so:

Scrubs on Skates; So Much Greatness, So Little Time. )

In conclusion, totally worth reading. Can not wait to read "A Boy At The Leafs' Camp; The Bill Spunska Show Comes to Ontario".

Oh, btw, Scott Young is Neil Young's daddy. Awesome.


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