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I've added Firefly to the mix - since Danny (Sydney's fiancée in Alias, a doctor - hence the healer) has the part of Atherton Wing in Shindig. This also leaves open the door for Gina Torres goodness :) Anna/Zoe - who would win that fight?

So.. Kitchen Confidential/Tamora Pierce/Alias/Firefly. The cross-over that won't die.

Imogen, I may have to kill you yet :P

Supper Spy pt. 2 )

Psst, Sally are you free on Friday Dec 15th?
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Fic for Imogen! Alias/TP/soon to be KC crossover. I hope you appreciate how weird it is for me writing about the actor Bradley Cooper, when I know a real person by the same name (who isn't like this at all). Not that the actor isn't a real person... but you know what I mean. Anyways, this is still really rough. Spell-checked, but that's about it. But I probably won't have time to write for another few weeks again. Not that I actually had the time to write this, though :P

Summary:When we find him, Bradley Cooper is on the point of breaking. He’s worked as at the Port Caynn docks for the past seven years, an undercover spy, and a mess-up on the first real action he’s seen in years resulted in the death of one of his closest friends and fellow spy, Francie. He’s sure he’s not meant to be a spy, but doesn’t want to disappoint his older brother, George – who just happens to be the king of thieves in nation’s capital. Soon after, Bradley receives a new assignment: to the kitchens of a Tusainie palace.

Pic & Fic pt.1 under the cut, working title: Supper Spy. )


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