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Fenella's journal is Friends Mostly, meaning that while the fic is here for everyone to see, pretty much everything else is locked for friends' eyes only. That said, Hi! I like new friends. Leave a comment and I'll add you - if you want to read about arts admin, Canada, and other sketch adventures of a twenty-something year old.


Jan. 6th, 2013 10:57 am
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I kind of failed to make the jump to dreamwidth, but want to fix that! I miss having an active blog-site to visit. What communities and places are worth going to and checking out? WHERE DO I GO TO MAKE FRIENDS???

Uh huh.

Jan. 19th, 2012 04:29 pm
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Can you imagine being the child of Paul Gross and Martha Burns?!

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My lady boss (like, my grandparent boss, the head of our department) is stealth-quiet. Which means she was standing on the other side of my divider when I gave the WORLD'S BIGGEST LONG-SUFFERING SIGH.

She thought this was hilarious.

Also, I walked into a wall today. See: reasons why I am going to ballet class tonight.
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Two entries in two days?! Whoa, no way! Don't get used to it.

I was reading back through entries - it's kind of the online equivalent of going through your stuff when packing, for an actual move - and was really glad to have a written record of people and places. So I am going to try to be more vigilant about writing, for my own sake. And for the sake of remembering people like Earnest Gardener! Because, as I've been realizing, I have a crap memory.

Really, people keep on coming up to me and telling me stories of which I have absolutely no recollection. I'm only 24! Think how bad it's going to be forty years, and 34 more provincial moves from now. Um, I will repeat provinces (& territories) when I run out. And I am never moving to Saskatchewan.

Adventures that I will follow up on telling in the coming weeks: harps in wilderness & ferries in the name of weddings, indie musics of Canada, roommates: the continuing story, coworker hilarity and tragedy (related: slam poet debacle!), crazy relations, and many others.

My recently departed boss bequeathed me her speakers, with which I am very much in love (we moved offices in November, from the basement of the vaudeville theatre next door, to the fifth floor of an gigantic condo tower - and our computer towers moved from desktop to ground, with precarious wiring sitches) and so now I can plug in my headphones again. This is always dangerous, because I am known for (accidentally!) ripping out my headphones at inopportune moments. In this way, I have embarassed myself to various coworkers for listening to both death metal (hey! it's music too!) and country (dudes, it was Jim Cuddy... that's like the softest of soft country).

Also? Tomorrow I am totally reinstating bad judgement Fridays. Ohhhhh yeah.

Hi, hi!

Jan. 4th, 2012 07:33 pm
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Sooooo. I've made the jump to dreamwidth, in anticipation of my learning what sorts of things are really online journal thoughts, vs thoughts I want to blurt out at facebook or in text message form. Mostly it's made me realize that my LJ - and now DW account - is really messy, and very unorganized. Eep!

I'm reading I Just Ran which is an incredibly charming, engaging biography of Percy Williams. Percy was a sweet, humble, Vancouver born Olympic gold medallist in sprint running. I was really enjoying this book! Until I read his Wikipedia entry, and saw that he shot himself in the head (with the shotgun he was gifted with at the Olympics no less) at a fairly youngish age. I am not so sure I want to finish this book, now? I haven't even made it to the 1928 Olympics, and keep on wondering if this is like that time I kept on hoping that Reservation Blues would end happily.

See? That's a thing that I am glad I shared with the online community that does not include my real life colleagues, and everyone else.

It is also a thought that I would have previously texted to that guy that shall no longer be mentioned. As is the fact that I am now committed to training in a crew for Head of the Charles next fall in Boston. I am stoked! It's nice to be wanted.

I am still on an Ontario sleep schedule, so it's almost bedtime for me. 


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:28 am
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+ I really need to work on my self-censoring. WHY do I think it would be a good idea to talk to certain people when it is CLEARLY A BAD IDEA, and then I go on to say things that I will certain come to regret?? I was pretty good there, for a while, at not regretting things I do, but ugh, filter, Fenella, filter!!! Impulses + technology = BAD. This is why I need to get rid of Facebook. Or I could just learn social skills (new trick? old dog?).

+ Other than that, orchestra is in full-on pre-Christmas mode. It's kind of exciting, and as my oldest sister tells me, I have to learn not to stress about not having enough stress in my life.

+ Tomorrow is pay day, which I am excited for on several levels. The most thrilling of which is that I will be able to eat again. I am totally taking myself out for a bacon and eggs breakfast before work.

+ I want to write things. I want to write all the things. FILTER, FENELLA, FILTER.

+ I will be okay. I'm getting there.

+ I had a date with a boy I met online. He is incredibly charming and funny and smart and I liked him very much. I'm still in this place where I am pretty certain that I do not at all want to be in a relationship. Which is premature to be thinking about, I think. But then, not at all.

+ I miss my friends. I miss being so comfortable with people. This is the down-side of having wanderlust the size of your country, when your country is the second largest in the world. I miss my family. I miss parts of Canada that are seeping into my dreams and thoughts in a most unbecoming way.

+ Clearly I need therapy.

Tell me things that are not about me, please.
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In light of recent LJ management stupidity, I'm thinking about switching over to dreamwidth, something I've really avoided doing. Besides being the proud owner of a place holder account, I know nothing about dreamwidth - how hard is it (is it possible?) to switch over entries. What is the general experience for dreamwidth users; do you prefer it over LJ?

Advice Pls. Thank you!
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Uh, first off: 484 words about Joren HERE!. And now that's done with:

Postcards From New Hope
(Or How to Grow a Woman from the Ground)

Part Seven )

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six
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Dear World,

We are closed for business today, we ain't no fools. Look at that white stuff outside! More of it is coming! We can feel it in our bones. Not a single road-side accident has happened on our watch this time - and if you know our roads, that's even more impressive than it sounds. Someday soon, maybe tomorrow, the plows will come out to play. Until then, if you needed something important, now you don't. Go build a snowman, or make hot chocolate.

xoxo The Entire Province of Nova Scotia

p.s. How about that Men's Hockey!
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Walker hound for sale
Very loven dog only 1 and a hafe
Good wih kids and knows commands,
Needs a home we cant look after him any more
Vrey loven and loyle, Food and toys come with him
If you are intersted please call if you are searious.
Thank you
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Dear Yuletide Writer... )
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War, like beauty, is in the collective consciousness. It's a memory etched into my mind, gnawing at the base of my stomach, that leaves an empty void; one that can not be filled with honour, respectful distance, or a silent promise that I will not, ever, forget. The lost are too many. I want to know their stories, be able to call their faces to mind. Do they prefer to be forgotten?

I remember them with a bright, plastic poppy; stories of a fallen cenotaph in New Brunswick, the cross shattered; a wreath at the base of a rural statue, a solitary reminder of the hundreds and a cold November morning in Toronto. Strangers, grandparents, men and women who continue to fight, and die.

All I can say, knowing it's not enough, is thank you. And, I'm sorry.
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Dear Diary: Writing is not like riding a bicycle. Eugh, eugh, eugh. Maybe I'll get it right next time. Xoxo Fenella.

Postcards From New Hope
(Or How to Grow a Woman from the Ground)

Part Six )

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five... Part Seven
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+ My mother is determined to emotionally manipulate me into getting my teachers' certification. I explained to her, calmly, the reasons I do not want to be a classroom teacher (she already knew this when I signed up for the arts administration version of teacher's college over a year ago, so not so much with the shocking!), that certification is an annual thing and requires money I don't have, as someone who is unemployed. And then I gave her a copy of my action research paper, about arts-integrated learning in the classroom and storytelling making the world a better place and she STARTED TO CRY. I don't even know.

+ For the first in five years, I am not moving for September, so I have cleaned and rearranged my room. There is a wall (WALL) of books and also my bed is no longer under a skylight. I hope this means that come winter, I will not get dripped on by said skylight in early morning thaw.

+ Minikilts are unlikely in my future. Good/Bad? Your call.

+ For something completely different: a few icons (Yukon Music Post still coming), made ages ago, of the summer Olympics (Canadian Men's Triathlon Team and Men's 8+ in Rowing). I find it hilarious that the men's triathlon team did a number of photoshoots... and I love that on their racing suits Canada gets abbreviated to "CAN". Jenkins Can! Whitfield Can! It's very optimistic.

Warning: Lots of Red and White. )
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Happy Birthday Canada - I love you very much.
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Postcards From New Hope
(Or How to Grow a Woman from the Ground)

Part Five )

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven
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I don't know, this might change. But...

Postcards From New Hope
(Or How to Grow a Woman from the Ground)

Part Four )

Part One Part Two Part Three ... and Part Five Part Six Part Seven


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