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[livejournal.com profile] tammy_drabbles posted a challenge this week that I could not resist: it calls for drabbles inspired by Tori Amos song titles. For me, that morphed into drabbles inspired by Tori Amos songs, and y'all may or may not know how "Strange Little Girls" cd holds a special place in my heart. (Let's not talk about the fic I wrote for "Real Men," yeah?)

The cd is a set of songs written by men, covered by Tori Amos and redone from a female point of reference; dark, wistful, quirky, often chilling. It's a really odd fit for Tamora Pierce's particular brand of feminism and it shouldn't work - in all honesty it probably doesn't beyond the obvious 'songs by men rewritten by women'. But I do think it provides a stark, and frankly needed, juxtaposition to "Girls are Awesome, let's go kill things with sharp pointy weapons and shiny magic because clearly, if the boys are doing it, it's the right answer executed poorly because yay equality!" But you know in the end, when The Strange Little Girl finds she's in over her head or when Kel straps extra weight onto her harness to keep up with the boys, they're all just women doing they're best not to get lost in a man's world.

Anyways, this is mostly crack. A dialogue-only in which Vania teaches Jon the meaning of the word 'Pacifisit'. Gary mostly looks on in horror and hopes that his children won't turn out like the youngest princess.

Enjoy the Silence )
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Yeah, so, I scare myself sometimes. I was looking through my 'Word' documents for a specific fic that I wanted to revive/finish and instead, I found bits and pieces of things that I don't even remember writing.

Like angsty-alias-drabble-things, and Owen cross-dressing. Actually, there's almost eight pages of Owen cross-dressing.

Err, anyways, on to the drabble:

I believe that this was going to be the start of something much longer (although I can't quite remember what), with more humour than angst involved.

And also notable because it was my first atempt to write and Alias fic (that isn't a Sark crossover to TP or Tanya Huff, or Gordon Korman or, or...). You can all see how well that worked out :P

I'd saved it, quite appropriately I think, as "Jaded Syd".

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... maybe I'll post the cross-dressing Owen (rather, 'Milly') later.
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Remember the 'drabble meme' from forever ago?
Aha, I didn't think so.
Fenella, however, did not forget
and she will fulfill her promises as of yet.

The season of giving is upon us,
and Fenella thought ''I shall give! This is a plus!''
So humour her please, I really do ask
or she may reveal what's under her mask.

An ogre, a troll, or what's worse - a Scrooge!
She'll grumble about the holidays and then crawl in her bed to take refuge.
Don't reduce her to this, I beg of you.
Humour her, oh please do.

Today the elves have two drabbles to give,
But alack! The elves know not where the recipients live.
Elves are rather busy at this time of year,
so thus, the drabbles will be posted here.

First for [livejournal.com profile] daydream_queen who asked for one on Buri,
I really hope she didn't expect it in a hurry.
Sadly, Sally is missing in action
so please forgive the commas usage just a fraction.

Buri - a marriage of convenience )

Finally, the last drabble to prepare
was one that almost didn't fare.
You see, [livejournal.com profile] seori wanted female villainy -
to which Fenella proclaimed ''Are you [censored] KIDDING ME?''


Fenella writes Owen and vampires,
not female assassins for hire!
More than half a year later, she gave it a whirl
(it seemed more appealing than essay-writing, anyways)
and so you all get Delia as a young girl:

Delia - castles in the sand )

And with all this said and done,
Fenella says "d...d...drabbles - not fun!"
She has so much respect for those who can write
these things that will forever give her a fright.

Please excuse these pathetic rhymes,
elf cameos, and the fairy tale themes which showed up dozens for dimes.
Until next time, Agent Melford is signing out
I will see you all again - this I do not doubt.
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For [livejournal.com profile] lea_hazel who requested a drabble about Kel's family. A little bit late, but in time for your Birthday - I hope that you're having a good one at that :)

Mindelan )
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Three months ago, on the eleventh of May,
Fenella Melford saw to end her writer’s block, but in one way.
The “drabble/ficlet” challenge on livejournal she did post,
unwittingly committing herself to face many a proverbial ghost.

[livejournal.com profile] wottie to Fenella’s dismay,
wanted Post SOTL Alanna, in any place, time or day.
So Fenella set out to write,
Alack, what a horrible night.

Fenella, did this first drabble destest,
and was loathe to do the rest.
So she sent it to Sally for review,
after which, a battle did ensue.

Take out those commas, wench! Said the elder,
Over my dead body! Fenella yelled back at her.
And so the threats did fly
through the night, by and by.

Tearfully, Fenella changed her punctuation
whilst Sally did grin with much anticipation.
But one fair comma doth remain,
a wonderous gem amongst the grain.

And now to you, Fenella does bestow
the first one of many drabbles to go.
Alanna’s White Wedding begins the trail,
matrimony for all – great, cynical or frail.

Two more things, Fenella has to say –
click on [livejournal.com profile] ochre54 and go that way.
For Sally hast written some Tristan the Tree
much to everyone’s absolute glee.

And finally, all you need is love, Fenella usually does preach
but not for these drabbles, so be a peach –
become a cynic, denounce the heart and reject all traces of
that beautiful, treacherous thing called Love.

The First )


♥ Fenella


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