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[livejournal.com profile] tammy_drabbles posted a challenge this week that I could not resist: it calls for drabbles inspired by Tori Amos song titles. For me, that morphed into drabbles inspired by Tori Amos songs, and y'all may or may not know how "Strange Little Girls" cd holds a special place in my heart. (Let's not talk about the fic I wrote for "Real Men," yeah?)

The cd is a set of songs written by men, covered by Tori Amos and redone from a female point of reference; dark, wistful, quirky, often chilling. It's a really odd fit for Tamora Pierce's particular brand of feminism and it shouldn't work - in all honesty it probably doesn't beyond the obvious 'songs by men rewritten by women'. But I do think it provides a stark, and frankly needed, juxtaposition to "Girls are Awesome, let's go kill things with sharp pointy weapons and shiny magic because clearly, if the boys are doing it, it's the right answer executed poorly because yay equality!" But you know in the end, when The Strange Little Girl finds she's in over her head or when Kel straps extra weight onto her harness to keep up with the boys, they're all just women doing they're best not to get lost in a man's world.

Anyways, this is mostly crack. A dialogue-only in which Vania teaches Jon the meaning of the word 'Pacifisit'. Gary mostly looks on in horror and hopes that his children won't turn out like the youngest princess.

Enjoy the Silence )
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Vania of Conte is a horrible little girl. I, for one, am terrified of her.

Princess Vania doesn't care for Lady Keladry of Mindelan.

Vania doesn't care for the way that Father's frown lines deepen when someone mentions the Lady Knight, or how he becomes judiciously fair-minded. She doesn't like the look of admiration that creeps across Roald's features, only a bit begrudging, and then that look of self-loathing that inevitably follows. And she detests the way that Duke Nealan abandons her scrapes and bruises as he stares off into a fantasy world of perfect, boring, self-righteous Lady Keladrys.

And now, the latest on an ever-growing list of crimes, the wretched woman's gone and stolen Jasson from them.

"Hello," said Keladry, smiling down at her and bowing as per protocol. "Jasson's told us so much about you."

In her head, Vania adds 'Tall' to the list of Mindelan's unfavourable traits. Making her acquaintance after years of subdued loathing, the Lady Knight is predictably smug and superior, drifting around at inappropriate heights. Like a disembodied head waiting for the perfect moment to snatch your unsuspecting brothers from the clutches of civilized, full-bodied company.

Vania smiles politely. She was raised to have manners, even if she doesn't always choose to use them.
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So it turns out that I'm really bad at this not writing fic thing. I had a Bruno & Boots floating around in my head, but instead I wrote TP, of course. It's the fandom that won't die. And even worse, it's fluff. Short fluff, but still. (Although, without a doubt less fluffy than the B&B would be. I defy someone to write unfluffy Gordon Korman fic.) It really is a sickness!

933 words
Tobe gets in a fight, Lerant suffers, Kel is a crocus.

Ye Goffs! )


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