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Excuse me while I cackle with glee. I was over at ff.net and came across a fic entitled Questing in an author page. In the summary, it said "OwenxTeresa". Obviously this made me curious, since, um, I invented the ship. Anyway, by way of explaination she wrote, "I can't recall if Wyldon's daughter's name was mentioned in the books, but I've seen Teresa used a few times in fanfiction." Glee!! Suck it, Margarry. Oh fine, I'll play nice.
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Yeah, instead of writing my Dove exchange fic, I wrote this. It's short & rough but something that I wanted to write. It's Kel/Lerant.

My Kind of Crazy )
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I've added Firefly to the mix - since Danny (Sydney's fiancée in Alias, a doctor - hence the healer) has the part of Atherton Wing in Shindig. This also leaves open the door for Gina Torres goodness :) Anna/Zoe - who would win that fight?

So.. Kitchen Confidential/Tamora Pierce/Alias/Firefly. The cross-over that won't die.

Imogen, I may have to kill you yet :P

Supper Spy pt. 2 )

Psst, Sally are you free on Friday Dec 15th?
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Fic for Imogen! Alias/TP/soon to be KC crossover. I hope you appreciate how weird it is for me writing about the actor Bradley Cooper, when I know a real person by the same name (who isn't like this at all). Not that the actor isn't a real person... but you know what I mean. Anyways, this is still really rough. Spell-checked, but that's about it. But I probably won't have time to write for another few weeks again. Not that I actually had the time to write this, though :P

Summary:When we find him, Bradley Cooper is on the point of breaking. He’s worked as at the Port Caynn docks for the past seven years, an undercover spy, and a mess-up on the first real action he’s seen in years resulted in the death of one of his closest friends and fellow spy, Francie. He’s sure he’s not meant to be a spy, but doesn’t want to disappoint his older brother, George – who just happens to be the king of thieves in nation’s capital. Soon after, Bradley receives a new assignment: to the kitchens of a Tusainie palace.

Pic & Fic pt.1 under the cut, working title: Supper Spy. )
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So (she asked all casual, and ignoring the non-sequitor), say two TP characters were having sex in The Chamber of the Ordeal. Who would they be?

Jonathan and Thayet?
Jonathan and Keladry?
Keladry and Wyldon?
Wyldon and Duke Gareth?
Other? (Please specify)

I can't do polls, so we're going to have to do this old skool. Please comment with your answers! (And direct others over here too, if you so feel inclined. The more the merrier.)
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Tamora Pierce Fic featuring an odd assortment of characters and, err, things.

Brought to you by James Blunt, The Panda Band, Iron and Wine, STP covering Led Zepplin, The Edmonton Oilers, Frank and Gord-o (The Bell Beavers), Stacy of Eisley, The Faders, good for the greater evil, “Mrs. Of Arc” of Ted and Bill fame, my unyielding loathing of Bryan McCabe and finally, the colour green:

Dancing Days (In Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town) )
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I can not write Wyldon/Owen. It's far too painful.

Yet I crave this pairing - it is a horrible, horrible illness.

If someone writes me Wyldon/Owen I will, in turn, write them what ever they might desire. And need I mention the unconditional love?

Pretty please?
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This is for [livejournal.com profile] treanz, a fic for the Christmas exchange at the Dove. I'm a horrible person who can't meet deadlines, and I promise to never sign up for another exchange again :P

Kat wanted Jon or Roger. The only thing more more horrifying to me than writing more Jon (that one time was supposed to be the only...) would be, err, writing Roger. So here's some Jon. Sadly, I can't seperate him from angst. Or fluff, apparently. I will go die of embarassment now.

It's called 'epitaph for an umbrella', and the title makes sense to me, even if it won't to anyone else. If it does make sense to anyone else, I shall feel very stalked.

It's brought to you in part by one of my new favourite songs, sent to me by Imogen (so, really, brought to you in part by Imo). Namely, "I'll See Your Heart & I'll Raise You Mine". Eee, good song.

Unbetaed and 869 words. So, without further ramblings:

Merry Christmas Kat, Happy New Year and congrats on the university :)

Sometimes when Jonathan has a moment to spare, he stops to look around. He doesn’t like to do this very often; it always leaves him feeling nervous and vaguely guilty.  )
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envy commentary for Imo )

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Remember the 'drabble meme' from forever ago?
Aha, I didn't think so.
Fenella, however, did not forget
and she will fulfill her promises as of yet.

The season of giving is upon us,
and Fenella thought ''I shall give! This is a plus!''
So humour her please, I really do ask
or she may reveal what's under her mask.

An ogre, a troll, or what's worse - a Scrooge!
She'll grumble about the holidays and then crawl in her bed to take refuge.
Don't reduce her to this, I beg of you.
Humour her, oh please do.

Today the elves have two drabbles to give,
But alack! The elves know not where the recipients live.
Elves are rather busy at this time of year,
so thus, the drabbles will be posted here.

First for [livejournal.com profile] daydream_queen who asked for one on Buri,
I really hope she didn't expect it in a hurry.
Sadly, Sally is missing in action
so please forgive the commas usage just a fraction.

Buri - a marriage of convenience )

Finally, the last drabble to prepare
was one that almost didn't fare.
You see, [livejournal.com profile] seori wanted female villainy -
to which Fenella proclaimed ''Are you [censored] KIDDING ME?''


Fenella writes Owen and vampires,
not female assassins for hire!
More than half a year later, she gave it a whirl
(it seemed more appealing than essay-writing, anyways)
and so you all get Delia as a young girl:

Delia - castles in the sand )

And with all this said and done,
Fenella says "d...d...drabbles - not fun!"
She has so much respect for those who can write
these things that will forever give her a fright.

Please excuse these pathetic rhymes,
elf cameos, and the fairy tale themes which showed up dozens for dimes.
Until next time, Agent Melford is signing out
I will see you all again - this I do not doubt.
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So yeah, I present some fic. All complaints and blame should be directed to [livejournal.com profile] ochre54. Sally you kill me :( See me be dead.

Fandom: Tamora Pierce
Character: Keladry of Mindelan
Words: 1,134
Occassion: Just read the thing and put me out of my misery, please. Un-betaed, mistakes are all mine. As are any mistakes with knot tying - I was never a girl guide. I also got kind of carried away with the "!" marks. And finally, I don't write Kel-fic. Really.

P.S. Points and adoration to whomever guesses the song from which the title is taken.

The Right Allocations )
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Happy Birthday, Q )

I still haven't written your Cavall drabble, but I hope that you'll accept this for now... ^_^
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For [livejournal.com profile] lea_hazel who requested a drabble about Kel's family. A little bit late, but in time for your Birthday - I hope that you're having a good one at that :)

Mindelan )


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