Dec. 10th, 2010 01:28 am
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+ I really need to work on my self-censoring. WHY do I think it would be a good idea to talk to certain people when it is CLEARLY A BAD IDEA, and then I go on to say things that I will certain come to regret?? I was pretty good there, for a while, at not regretting things I do, but ugh, filter, Fenella, filter!!! Impulses + technology = BAD. This is why I need to get rid of Facebook. Or I could just learn social skills (new trick? old dog?).

+ Other than that, orchestra is in full-on pre-Christmas mode. It's kind of exciting, and as my oldest sister tells me, I have to learn not to stress about not having enough stress in my life.

+ Tomorrow is pay day, which I am excited for on several levels. The most thrilling of which is that I will be able to eat again. I am totally taking myself out for a bacon and eggs breakfast before work.

+ I want to write things. I want to write all the things. FILTER, FENELLA, FILTER.

+ I will be okay. I'm getting there.

+ I had a date with a boy I met online. He is incredibly charming and funny and smart and I liked him very much. I'm still in this place where I am pretty certain that I do not at all want to be in a relationship. Which is premature to be thinking about, I think. But then, not at all.

+ I miss my friends. I miss being so comfortable with people. This is the down-side of having wanderlust the size of your country, when your country is the second largest in the world. I miss my family. I miss parts of Canada that are seeping into my dreams and thoughts in a most unbecoming way.

+ Clearly I need therapy.

Tell me things that are not about me, please.
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Three months ago, on the eleventh of May,
Fenella Melford saw to end her writer’s block, but in one way.
The “drabble/ficlet” challenge on livejournal she did post,
unwittingly committing herself to face many a proverbial ghost.

[ profile] wottie to Fenella’s dismay,
wanted Post SOTL Alanna, in any place, time or day.
So Fenella set out to write,
Alack, what a horrible night.

Fenella, did this first drabble destest,
and was loathe to do the rest.
So she sent it to Sally for review,
after which, a battle did ensue.

Take out those commas, wench! Said the elder,
Over my dead body! Fenella yelled back at her.
And so the threats did fly
through the night, by and by.

Tearfully, Fenella changed her punctuation
whilst Sally did grin with much anticipation.
But one fair comma doth remain,
a wonderous gem amongst the grain.

And now to you, Fenella does bestow
the first one of many drabbles to go.
Alanna’s White Wedding begins the trail,
matrimony for all – great, cynical or frail.

Two more things, Fenella has to say –
click on [ profile] ochre54 and go that way.
For Sally hast written some Tristan the Tree
much to everyone’s absolute glee.

And finally, all you need is love, Fenella usually does preach
but not for these drabbles, so be a peach –
become a cynic, denounce the heart and reject all traces of
that beautiful, treacherous thing called Love.

The First )


♥ Fenella


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