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Now that I'm at home, unemployed and mostly stress-free, I don't ever update this thing. Thus proving the popular theory that prolific-ness is directly proportional to stress levels.

Anyways... Happy (now belated, but hey it balances out the early celebration) Birthday to the 26 year old [livejournal.com profile] imelford.

For Imo (and prompted by Sally's five words) here's the first of three parts for Medium Rare the fourth (but second to be written) fic in the ever unpopular "Steak" series.

A shout out for Smoke and Ashes which came out today and another for the efficiency with which indigo.com ships their books. Yay for new Tony! Lee! Jack! Henry! Amy! Zev! Demons! Syndicated television! 4000 year old stunt woman!

This, however, was written before I read the new novel. And yes I do realize that Henry and Tony don't actually act this gay:

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I think I know why it is I don't quite like debating. (Or at least, Canadian University style.) I couldn't put my finger on it before, although I knew it was something like this. Aha.

There's too much waving and bashing about of morals and ideals, all too-in-your-face like. (It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye from 'it will hurt the healthcare system!') An-nd the importance of the arguments are lost. Which may seem like an odd thing to say, but yeah. You're taking sometimes sensitive topics and beating them about to death, but it doesn't actually do anything. Which I know, the point of (University) debating is not to actually do something. But still. And as fun as it is saying 'I'm right because my morals are, well, moral and yours kind of suck for these blatantly obvious reasons...' it's all B.S. in the end. Ah the art of having a heated argument while never saying anything at all - it's all smoke and mirrors. Politics, I salute you.


In other news, procrastination knows no bounds. Have some Henry fic. (Imo, Sally).

One of Seven:

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I am a vegetarian, I swear. And no I don't sneak steaks on the sly.
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Oh, when will it stop?

Fandom: Tanya Huff
Character: Henry Fitzroy
Why: Because I'm a freak like this sometimes.
Warning: Unbetaed, overusage of extended A Midsummer's Night Dream analogy. My apologies, Master Will. Am largely tired, read at own risk.

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