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[livejournal.com profile] imelford has been telling me to read Scott Young's Scrubs On Skates books for a while now (there are three of them as far as I know, the second of which seems to be... missing?) and because she's Imo, and I trust her in these things, I finally did. I'm not entirely sure why I hadn't already. I mean, the cupboard they come from is in my bedroom, and I've read virtually everything else in there. The only explanation I can fathom is that in my younger YA reading years, animal stories, young-girl-growing-up (see also: embarrassing sixteen year old girl anecdotes from the 1960's; Cleary, Beverly) stories and Murder in [insert Canadian tourist trap here] stories (i.e. the other genres in that cupboard - without disclosing the fact that our collection of Saddle Club books is too thorough to pass off as insignificant, and yet, somehow, not near thorough enough for some seriously horse crazy tween girls... or their very impressionable baby sister, apparently. Um, what? I said nothing! Stevie and Teddy 4eva! Um, what? I said nothing!) were more appealing than 50's boys hockey teams and team spirit.

Boy was I wrong. (Oh the irony: as I type this, I'm listening to the Penguins vs. Detroit, streamed live. Underdogs everywhere are dancing for joy - Pens 3, Wings 1 FYI. HAH!)

If you made it through all that: Pete is the best hockey player in Winnipeg. And then the town boundaries got redrawn and he got sent to Northwestern. This book is essentially Pete coming to terms with his new, not!shiny team, but mostly with himself. It's a coming of age novel. Like your average animal story. Without the animals.

Anyways, I've only read the first book so far, and these are the reasons I loved it so:

Scrubs on Skates; So Much Greatness, So Little Time. )

In conclusion, totally worth reading. Can not wait to read "A Boy At The Leafs' Camp; The Bill Spunska Show Comes to Ontario".

Oh, btw, Scott Young is Neil Young's daddy. Awesome.

Uh. Crack!

Mar. 23rd, 2008 06:30 pm
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So I wasn't kidding about the fic but this one is purely Imogen's fault (for some reason, Imogen, your tag at my journal is "imo the dragon tamer". I'm sure it made sense at one time!). An AU where Joren is alive and Scanrans are misunderstood. Really they're just a bunch of sensitive ice sculptors who want to sit around and talk about ice fishing! This bit here is mainly just the set up of the story but there WILL be Scanrans. I am sure of it. Just give me two days to get through the class - rehearsal - midterm - rehearsal - concert slaving, ticket selling - harp moving - lobby concert - masterclass - concert - harp moving.

In the meantime, here is Vania and the Scanrans (Part I) and some pictures of the lot, for your viewing pleasure. )
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1. Sally drew Josiane, Delia and Alex. She drew these in PAINT. With a MOUSE. BLINDFOLDED. Okay, not the last one, but still. They are pretty. And awesome.

2. In the "So late it's almost early!" column, I'm writing a story called You Are My Sunshine. It's for Kmiri_Kalsin who never got her exchange fic (she is now! ha!) and is about the Conté family. And Kel. It is multiples parts long. Skeptics away!

3. Last but not least, Imogen is writing more LIAM AND ALANNA. It's cropping up all over the place! Prolific = awesomeness.

Also, Hi Guys! How are things?

That is all.
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Fic for Imogen! Alias/TP/soon to be KC crossover. I hope you appreciate how weird it is for me writing about the actor Bradley Cooper, when I know a real person by the same name (who isn't like this at all). Not that the actor isn't a real person... but you know what I mean. Anyways, this is still really rough. Spell-checked, but that's about it. But I probably won't have time to write for another few weeks again. Not that I actually had the time to write this, though :P

Summary:When we find him, Bradley Cooper is on the point of breaking. He’s worked as at the Port Caynn docks for the past seven years, an undercover spy, and a mess-up on the first real action he’s seen in years resulted in the death of one of his closest friends and fellow spy, Francie. He’s sure he’s not meant to be a spy, but doesn’t want to disappoint his older brother, George – who just happens to be the king of thieves in nation’s capital. Soon after, Bradley receives a new assignment: to the kitchens of a Tusainie palace.

Pic & Fic pt.1 under the cut, working title: Supper Spy. )
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Now that I'm at home, unemployed and mostly stress-free, I don't ever update this thing. Thus proving the popular theory that prolific-ness is directly proportional to stress levels.

Anyways... Happy (now belated, but hey it balances out the early celebration) Birthday to the 26 year old [livejournal.com profile] imelford.

For Imo (and prompted by Sally's five words) here's the first of three parts for Medium Rare the fourth (but second to be written) fic in the ever unpopular "Steak" series.

A shout out for Smoke and Ashes which came out today and another for the efficiency with which indigo.com ships their books. Yay for new Tony! Lee! Jack! Henry! Amy! Zev! Demons! Syndicated television! 4000 year old stunt woman!

This, however, was written before I read the new novel. And yes I do realize that Henry and Tony don't actually act this gay:

Read more... )
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Imogen has most amazing powers. She says, "Get me tea!" So Fenella gets Imogen tea. Imogen says, "Milk, too." So Fenella gets Imogen milk too. Imogen says, "Write me historical music fic (with vampires)". So yeah, I think you've guessed what Fenella is writing.

Without futher ado I present Nicolo Paganini in:

Your Wish is My Wish, Part I - Paganini )


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