Jan. 5th, 2012

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Two entries in two days?! Whoa, no way! Don't get used to it.

I was reading back through entries - it's kind of the online equivalent of going through your stuff when packing, for an actual move - and was really glad to have a written record of people and places. So I am going to try to be more vigilant about writing, for my own sake. And for the sake of remembering people like Earnest Gardener! Because, as I've been realizing, I have a crap memory.

Really, people keep on coming up to me and telling me stories of which I have absolutely no recollection. I'm only 24! Think how bad it's going to be forty years, and 34 more provincial moves from now. Um, I will repeat provinces (& territories) when I run out. And I am never moving to Saskatchewan.

Adventures that I will follow up on telling in the coming weeks: harps in wilderness & ferries in the name of weddings, indie musics of Canada, roommates: the continuing story, coworker hilarity and tragedy (related: slam poet debacle!), crazy relations, and many others.

My recently departed boss bequeathed me her speakers, with which I am very much in love (we moved offices in November, from the basement of the vaudeville theatre next door, to the fifth floor of an gigantic condo tower - and our computer towers moved from desktop to ground, with precarious wiring sitches) and so now I can plug in my headphones again. This is always dangerous, because I am known for (accidentally!) ripping out my headphones at inopportune moments. In this way, I have embarassed myself to various coworkers for listening to both death metal (hey! it's music too!) and country (dudes, it was Jim Cuddy... that's like the softest of soft country).

Also? Tomorrow I am totally reinstating bad judgement Fridays. Ohhhhh yeah.


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